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Why Baby Massage?


Touch is a key ingredient in developing that special parent-child bond in a one to one environment.  Not only does it concentrate the focus between parent and child but it also enables the development of a loving, caring and respectful relationship.

Children's development benefits from close contact between parent and child.  Actions such as holding, kissing, hugging and touching all promote the sense of secure attachment.

The Benefits of Baby Massage

  • Develops bonding with your baby

  • Assists your child's quality of sleep

  • Relaxes both baby and parent

  • Helps overcome tiredness

  • Eases the pain of teething

  • Strengthens and tones muscles

  • Relieves mucus and sinus congestion

  • Supports baby weight gain and growth development

  • Relieves colic and reflux

  • Helps to alleviate constipation

It is advised that babies undergo their 6-8 week check prior to starting a Baby Massage course.